Requirements for applicants

  • Applicants must be under 30
  • Full time students at BI Campus Oslo

Main Enrollment Starting August 1st

Apartment contracts are issued for a 12 month period starting on the 1st of August and ending on July 31st. We start assigning apartments in the last weeks of March until the end of Spring.

When you receive an offer, you have a couple days to accept the offer and pay a deposit.  For this reason, you should not apply until you are ready to accept the contract. BSN offers a cancellation form for contracts that are signed under the main application process, cancelation forms are found here:

Applications applying after the enrollment time

Throughout the year there can be vacancies, applicants that show interests by sending an email to or sending in an application.


Housing prices from August 2021 per month

  • Studio: NOK 6 570
  • Double: NOK 5 736
  • 4-room: NOK 5 838
  • Couple/ family: NOK 11 187

Other prices from 2020

  • Rent parking tenants: NOK 795 per month
  • Rent parking non-tenants: NOK 1 200 per month
  • Room change: NOK 1 200
  • Storage room rental: NOK 119 per month
  • Replacement room key:  NOK 300
  • Replacement mail box key: NOK 200
  • Replacement garage key tenants: NOK 600
  • Replacement garage key non-tenants NOK 1 200
  • Replacement laundry card: NOK 100

Heated water is included, electricity is billed by usage. For electricity, there is a separate power meter per apartment. Whenever more than one person is living there, the expenses will be split equally between tenants. It increases during the winter, but decreases during summer.

Moving in

You can pick up the keys at Gunnar Schjelderup’s way 13A at the agreed time. You must show valid ID.

Check-in booking

Please book your preferred check-in time within our opening hours in MakePlans at Our opening hours are monday-friday 09am-3pm.


Upon check-in, you will have received a door key chip for your apartment.  Also, the mailbox key is hung up in your room with the laundry chip. The laundry chip is pre-paid with 200kr for your convenience.


You have to get a parking permit in the reception for moving in. Long time parking is available at Storo Storsenter and in Gunnar Schjelderups vei 33. This is not administered by BSN and is not free of charge.


The apartment is pre-checked by BSN. Should there be anything wrong with your apartment, you can create an activity under maintenance on “my page”.


Information about the most frequently asked questions can be found HERE.

Cancellation Policy

Our cancelation policy during our main enrollment for Spring/Summer 2020 for contracts(new tenants only) beginning August 1-4, 2020 with 12 months duration. This rule does not apply to our existing residents, Exchange students, or any new residents that have moved in before August 1st,2020.

If you want to cancel please use the following form:

“Cancellation form”

This must be signed and sent

We have an adminstration cancellation fee that will be deducted from your deposit.

Before the 10th of July 2020 the cost is  kr 1 000,-

After the 10th of July and until the 31st of July the cost is  – 1 months rent

After the 1st of August please see your contract for terms for termination.

Application for early contract termination

Tenants can during the contract period apply for termination of their contract. BSN will attempt to find a replacement tenant and then release the applicant from its contract. The new tenants contract must start no later than May 1st, and the contract must be signed by March 15th which is the contract renewal deadline.

During the semesters it’s unlikely that BSN have any potential replacements on hand and it’s encouraged that the applicant actively searches for a qualified replacement and present them to BSN.

Note that the replacement must fulfill the general applicant requirements of BSN and be of the same gender in doubles and 4-man apt.

Priority | BSN prioritizes applicants with special circumstances documented with their application.

Send an e-mail to to receive the application form.

Termination Couples/ family apartments

Apartment type unfurnished family can be terminated with -3- months notice. The notice must be signed and the termination period will run for 3 full months in addition to the month the notice was given. I.e. notice delivered January 20th termination period will run rest of Jan, and Feb through April.

For contracts not yet started, the termination period runs from the contracts staring month. I.e. contract start August 1st, notice delivered June 1st then termination will run from Aug through Oct.

Application for termination couples / family apartments pdf.

Signed form must be sent to or delivered to BSN`s mailbox.