Frequently asked questions

You can call Security at +47 22 20 70 00 for immediate assistance (This is usually a billed service). If it is not urgent you can contact us HERE.

You can contact us HERE if you have lost your mailbox key. So we can arrange a  pick-up time for a new key. Price for new postal key can be found HERE.

If you have lost your laundry chip, please contact us HERE. We will then add a new laundry chip to your mailbox. Price for a new chip can be found HERE. * Balance from lost chip will not be tranffered to the new chip.

If you want to tranfer more money into the laundry chip balance. It can be done HERE. This is an external website that you can check account details and balance and add email address to get notified when your wash is done. * The number of the laundry chip acts as username and password for login.If there are any problems with this, please contact us HERE and attach the code on the chip.

If you should experience disturbing noise from other residents and you know where the noise is coming from, we encourage you to contact yourself to tell us that the noise level is disturbing. You can contact the scales on phone 22 20 70 00 if this does not improve. This is not a billed service.

It should be quiet after 11pm, but that doesn’t mean it should be disturbing noise for other residents before 11pm.

Bsn don`t accept parcels, you will have to ask the delivery company. We recommend the post service as they have an office close to BI otherwise you will have to be present to meet the driver. The adress is Kristoffer Aamots Gate 5, 0484

Garbage bags and paper is to be disposed in the pipes outside. If the bag does not fit, you can use the garbage room located behind the B-block. The room is on the ground floor and opens with your room key.
Container for glass and metal is found behind Bunnpris.
The largest objects must be taken to Haraldrud recycling station (link for more information)

Are you unsure whether the line works properly? Contact Lynet support and they will check your line. Make sure to enter a room number at BSN.

At the bottom of the right side of the oven you will find a square on / off button that you press. The wheel on the top only controls the temperature.

The window has a child safety lock placed on the right side of the frame. It is a black metal rectangle that moves up and down. To open this, open the window until you see the child lock. Press up the child lock and the window will be able to extend further. Sometimes while closing you need to press up the child lock.

There is no need for soap or fabric softener. The machines automatically with the right amount of soap and softener with each load. It is therefore not necessary to use your own soap.

Log in to “My Page”. Once you’re logged in, touch the tab at the top left side. Then tap maintenance. Here you will see a “+” sign in the top right that you press and report the damage.