The information in this section applies to exchanges students only. International students attending full degree programs such as BBA and Msc  should follow information under housing.

In order to receive housing at BSN as an exchange student you need to:

1. Apply through BI housing

2. If assigned by BI you must create a BSN profile by sending an application HERE.

3. Receive an offer from BSN,pay the deposit and sign the housing contract.

After BSN receives names from BI Housing the contracts are made available within a few days on “my page” You will be notified by e-mail when the contract is assigned.

How to sign the housing contract

The contract is available as a pdf. on “my page” under contracts. To accept you will have to print, sign, scan and upload on “my page” or send as pdf. to within the due date.

All offers from BI housing will be cancelled by BSN if contract and deposit are not completed in time.

How to pay deposit

You will have to open a deposit account in your profile. If you are not a permanent resident of Norway with a D-number you will have to use the option for insurance. this is a one time payment that is not returned where the insurance company covers your deposit.


  • Exchange student rooms are in Double apartments only.
  • Exchange rooms are assigned by BI housing and not by BSN.
  • The contract lengths are fixed for the assigned 1 or 2 semesters and cannot  be shortened or lengthened. Fall semester is from August 1st until January 3rd. Spring semester is from January 4th until July 31st ( dates can vary because of Covid-19) There could be changes on the contract lengths because of Covid-19. This semester we only offered contracts from January or August ending on the 31st of July.

Check-in January 2021

You need to download our key app “JustIN Mobile” to access your room. If the app is not installed or the key is not activated on the right phone number before 15th December , you will not be able to access the room by check-in. 

Use our Bluetooth key app to access your room

You will need a smart phone with your local phone number and internet connection to activate. After activation it works offline with Bluetooth active.

  • Before 15th December. Download “JustIN Mobile” by Salto systems from app store or GooglePlay. Follow the activation process by entering your phone number. (must be the same number that you registered on “my page”). It is important that the phone number is registered in the app before 23rd of  December, to make sure your  room is registered and able to check in with the app.

If you are traveling between 15th December and  3rd January we will need the country code of where you are located.  Please send this to us at BSN will send your door activation to your phone after the current tenant leaves. This will happen by 3rd of January.

  • Before January. Check your app, your room number should now appear in the app. Please make sure to not change your SIM card before arriving at your apartment. In some cases, the key app will be disabled by swapping SIM card and you will not be able to access the apartment. In the apartment you will find a light blue door key chip labeled with SALTO which can be used instead of the key app.


To enter your room

Make sure Bluetooth is active on your phone, open the app and press the green button, place your phone over the door lock, and enter. If it isn’t working, you can try removing the phone case for better access. Please come to the office the next business day after arrival for checking in and picking up your room key and laundry chip.

Problems at arrival

You can call our security service at (00 47) 22 20 70 00. They are available 24 / 7. They will assist free of charge the first time you are accessing your room.

Problems with activating the app

If you are having difficulties with the activation or for some reason cannot use the key app please contact Check-in appointments can be booked during  our opening hours.

BSN`s reception is  open Monday to Thursday from  09:00 am – 3:00 pm in January. It is a good idea to make an appointment with us when coming to the office by email.

Other stuff to know about move-in


Important to bring the first day
The room has a bed but no bedding such as: sheets, comforters pillows or towels.  You will also need to bring your own router to use wifi in your room. You will need an ethernet cable to connect. Please see the link here:

How to get there
BSNs adress is: Gunnar Schjelderups vei 13A, 0485 Oslo

From Oslo Central Station/Jernbanetorget
Take the Metro (T-bane) from Jernbanetorget to Nydalen. Walk 5-8 minutes from the Metro to BSN.

Bus from Oslo Airport Gardermoen to Storo
Take the Airport Express Coach “Flybussen” to Storo. Walk 12 minutes from Storo to BSN.


The following is information that is for Exchange student rooms only.

Check-out with BSN

Kitchen box that was provided 

Please make sure all items are clean and put back in the plastic container that was provided. If you need to replace items, you can come to the office and pick up the missing or broken items.

Extra items

If you have bought things for the apartment make sure you give them away and remove them from the apartment. You can put them on and give them away for free, if they are nice things or sell them. There are also Face book groups for students as well that you could sell or give away the items.

Deliver the apartment move-in ready on your reserved checkout time together with BSN. If the apartment isn’t move in ready, you may be allowed to reclean to avoid charges. *Choose “overlevering” when reserving checkout time.

Key-drop off

Drop your keys in the large mailbox outside BSNs office with your name and room number at your reserved time. We will check the apartment. If it isn’t move in ready, it won’t be possible for you to fix the apartment and you will be charged for this. *Choose “key-drop” when reserving time

Reserve time for Check-out here:

How do I get my deposit back? 

Go to My Page and make sure all information is up to date. For countries outside of Europe you will need to come down to the reception to fill in detailed bank information. For European transfers you need to fill in IBAN and SWIFT on “My page”.

What is expected from you

Moving and washing out is time consuming. How extensive it is depends on how well it is cleaned daily.

The whole apartment must be cleaned thoroughly including in common areas, balcony and storage rooms, Even if your roommate is staying or moving out later.

All of the stains and dirt should be removed and you must clean places that you do not normally clean during regular cleaning. The bathroom and kitchen must be cleaned thoroughly.

Damages to your apartment during your rental period  must be registered well in advance of inspection. So it can be remedied in the tenant’s rental period. If this is registered too late, it can incur a rental income loss that the tenant will  be responsible for.

Tips before you start

Start with the tiles in the bathroom and kitchen well before the handover. Many find that they have to spend several rounds on this. It may be smart to take a thorough cleaning a few weeks before handing over. We recommend using HG Fugrens from Clas Ohlson on the bathroomtiles and -grouts. Remember to use the right products for different areas.


  • Leave the mailbox key hanging on the hook in your apartment.
  • The apartment must be completely emptied and cleaned before handover.
  • If you rent a parking space, this must be handed over at the same time. The booth must be emptied and swept
  • Remove your  personal name label from your mail box

Parking cards

are issued upon relocation during our opening hours, please contact the reception in good time before you need the parking card.  It is given up to 2-3 hours at a time.



  • All appliances are cleaned (inside and out)
  • Wash the air vent over the stove and replace the filter. (new filters are available at the reception)
  • Defrost the freezer, clean the refrigerator and freezer (a blow dryer can be loaned from the reception for quick defrosting)
  • Wash kitchen cabinets (inside and out)
  • remember to pull out the refrigerator and wash behind it
  • Wash the back splash over the cabinets


  • Clean the vent
  • Clean and empty the drain
  • Wash the tiles thoroughly on the floor
  • Wash the shower walls including the fixture and and hand rod
  • Wash the sink, toilet and glass shelf

General cleaning in all rooms

  • Wipe all moldings, sockets and switches
  • Wipe dust off all fixtures and furniture
  • Wash windows: inside / outside and including the sill.
  • All floors and walls must be cleaned
  • Curtains are washed  on the 30 program and hanging nicely after (please remove hooks before washing)
  • Wash mirrors
  • Pull forward and wash behind all loose furniture
  • Other things that need to be checked
  • All light bulbs / tubes must work
  • Everything on the inventory list at is present
  • Check the smoke alarm. Replace battery if necessary (extra batteries available at the reception)
  • All “Hand me down” items left must be cleaned and in proper condition

Are you experiencing problems with the cleaning?

You will find information  at the reception if you have questions about how things are done.



Frequently Asked Questions

My roommate is moving out after me, do I need to clean carefully? Yes, you have to hand over the apartment completely cleaned even though your roommate moves out later.

What damages do I have to report? You should report everything that doesn’t work as it should. Like for instance broken light switches, thermostat to the heating cable etc. Also damages like broken mirrors, holes in the wall, marks on the floor. broken shelves.

If I move out before the contract ends, do I have to pay rent from that date? Yes, the rent follows your contract regardless of when you choose to hand over the apartment. However the cost for electricity will stop the date you hand over the apartment.


Unfortunetely BSN do not offer international bank transfers with IBAN and Swift etc.

International deposit and rent payments must be done through the online payment system on “my page”. VISA and Mastercard are the only credit cards available. Bankaxess is for Norwegian accounts only. There is a credit card fee charged by the credit card handler for each transaction.

When is rent due?

Rent is due on the 1st of each month. The first month is billed at contract start. Example: If your contract starts January 3rd. January rent will be due January 15th. February rent will be due on Feb. 1st. March rent due march 1st. and so on.

How is electricity calculated?

You will be billed for electricity after the month is over. Electricity is calculated from usage per double apartment and split equally between the inhabitants of that appartment.

Example: January is billed on March rentinvoice, February on Aprils invoice and so on.

The apartments

Information about the apartments:

All exchange students are accomodated in double appartments where you have a private bedroom and share kitchen and bath with one other person. Your bedroom will include:

  • Bed 90 x 200 cm
  • Drawer section
  • Large corner desk
  • Office chair
  • Large wardrobe
  • Blinding curtains
  • Plug for internet connection (router and cable not included)
  • Plug for TV connection (subscription not included)

Note that BSN does not provide any utensils, kitchen supplies or sheets, pillows, quilt etc, but in some cases previous exchange students have left this in the apartment.We suggest you see if there are something left before you go shopping.