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The information in this section applies to exchange students only. International students attending full degree programs such as BBA and Msc  should follow information under housing.

Exchange students are not accepted by BSN directly but through BI international office. Please follow their information about housing application. After being assigned by BI, BSN will send a contract offer through our system www.hybel.no to the e-mail registered with BI. At that point you will be asked to create a profile and register more information by following the e-mail link from hybel.no.

If you send BSN an application to BSN through hybel.no without being assigned by BI your application will automatically be rejected in the BSN system. This does not affect your application with BI so do not worry about receiveing rejected message from hybel.no if you have a pending application with BI.

Available room types for Exchange students are:

 – Fully equipped doubleroom for short term rental

This is a room in a double where you have your own private bedroom about 15 sqm. Kitchen and bathroom is shared with another student of the same gender.

The fully equipped double includes all inclusive monthly payment of NOK 7700 per month for Fall 2024 and Spring 2025.

  • Short term contract for 1 semester (5 months fall, 5,3 months spring)
  • Eelctricity and utilities are included in the monthly payment.
  • No housing deposit
  • Wifi router included in each room
  • Rooms are equipped for short term use with less need to purchase or bring things needed for your stay. This includes kitchen equipment, bedding with pillow and cover, access to shared inventory room only available to tenants with fully equipped room.
  • Easy check in by bluetooth app, arrive outside of opening hours.
  • Easy check-out cleanout is included, only a simple list of responsibilities to follow before leaving (remove trash, brought in belongings etc.)

Contracts will run from:

August 1st until December 31st Fall semester, total price of NOK 38 500,-

January 5th to June 16th Spring semester, total price of NOK 41 400,-

Contractperiods are locked to theese dates, the full semester price applies regardless of arrival and departure dates.

Tenants can be billed for damages to the rooms or extra cleaning/ trash removal etc. if simple check-out procedures are not followed. Laundry is paid by app or credit card per use in laundry room. Security service charges can be added for lost keys etc.