Buy OBOS router at check-in for NOK 490,-

BSN has a new internet provider from the summer of 2024. The installation is completed in all apartments. All BSN tenants now have 750+ Mb/s speed in socket in their bedroom. It’s important that your router and cables can handle up to 1000 Mb/s to ensure full use of the internet speed.

Until August 15th, BSN will sell the eero 6 wifi 6 router form OBOS OpenNet at the very low price of NOK 490,- This is a wifi 6 mesh router that allows OBOS customer service to help you directly with router issues, internet set up etc. over the phone.

The router will be yours to take when you leave and is fully functional with other internet providers.

You can pick one up at check in and this will be added to your next rent invoice from BSN. If you arrive after August 15th, you can pre-order by sending an email to We are not able to sell at this price after this date and expect the price to be significantly higher after August 15th.

OBOS OpenNet eero 6 ruter til kr 490,-